Ages 5 to 15

Time:                   1:30pm to 4pm
Sessions:            9 sessions
Fee:                      $180 per term including a workbook $160 per term (per sibling)

Our native Italian speaking teachers will immerse your child in the beautiful Italian language. The children’s classes are split into two groups based on age and language abilities. Our teachers aim to conduct the lesson using as much Italian as possible as they work through the course materials. The classes are packed with fun games, songs and cultural activities. They aim to have every student understand, communicate, read and write in Italian.



Time:                  2pm-4pm
Sessions:            9 sessions
Fee:                     $280 per term  including a workbook (New Italian Espresso)

Our native Italian speaking teachers will provide adults with a beginners course in Italian that will inspire further study. The course is specifically aimed at English speakers and offers a range of multimedia resources to aid and invigorate the language-learning experience.

The classes give parents an opportunity to learn at the same time as their children. A fantastic chance to improve your Italian skills and share the experience of learning with your child.